Donor Levels

Donors, much like our youth participants, are able to support our programs at different levels. Below is a quick summary of ways you can make impact as a Par, Birdie, Eagle and Ace Donor!

Make DIRECT IMPACT with a PAR donation of $10-$500!

PAR level donors can make a DIRECT IMPACT on our program one child at a time by providing support ranging from $10-$500. Support received at the PAR level helps us provide programming to youth who require financial support. As an example, a $100 donation covers the registration fees associated with certification programming for one child for one year. This support has a DIRECT IMPACT on the youth and their families.

Make LASTING IMPACT with a BIRDIE donation of $500-$2,500!

BIRDIE level donors can make a LASTING IMPACT on our program by providing support ranging from $500-$2,500. Support received at the BIRDIE level impacts both the kids served by the program and the coaches teaching the program. Donations received in this range help to offset costs associated with coach training, equipment and other program enhancements. As an example, a $1,500 donation can offset the training and travel costs for one of our coaches to attend Level 1 Coach Training as presented by professional trainers from The First Tee home office. Once a coach is trained in delivering the program, he/she can have a LASTING IMPACT on the youth for many years to come.

Make SIGNIFICANT IMPACT with an EAGLE donation of $2,500-$10,000!

EAGLE level donors can make a SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on our program by providing support ranging from $2,500-$10,000. Support received at this level positively impacts our programming on a number of levels and allows for our board/staff to consider expanding programming for our youth. As an example, it can cost $7,500-$10,000 to expand programming by establishing a new programming location. By extending EAGLE level support, donors can have a SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on the youth in the area as more youth gain access to the Golf and Life Skills programming.

Make EXTRAORDINARY IMPACT with an ACE donation of $10,000-$25,000!

ACE level donors make an EXTRAORDINARY IMPACT on our program. This level of giving is typically received through business donations, but groups of individuals or event organizers can sometimes achieve this level. As an example, a group of donors hosting a charity golf event in memory of a friend named The First Tee of Omaha as their charity of choice with all proceeds from their golf tournament going to our organization. This awesome support allowed 20-25 youth to participate in our program at no cost the following year and also allowed one of our coaches to attend advanced coach training.  EXTRAORDINARY IMPACT felt by the entire community!

On behalf of the many youth we are privileged to serve, we extend the same sincere thank you for any and all gifts, no matter what the level of support!  We rely 100% on private donations received each and every year so every donation helps us advance our mission.